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We love our volunteers

Volunteers are Welcome!

To match your skills and talents to our volunteer opportunities, please complete the volunteer application (the link for the application form is at the bottom of this page,) and read through our guidelines. This is a general list of tasks, but they differ at each library location and department. Depending on the task, you may want to volunteer once, once a week, once a month, or more.

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Summer Events

This summer, the Community Library Network will be out and about at a number of community events.  If you would like to meet and greet the public side-by-side with library staff, this is your chance! Volunteer for events at any of our locations. 

Housekeeping Tasks 

Are you Mr. or Ms. Clean?  Help us keep our libraries welcoming by watering plants, dusting shelves, light vacuuming, cleaning kids’ toys and counters, and wiping down books.  Depending on your interest, cleaning and organizing storage space is also needed. 


If you enjoy working outside, we need volunteers to pick up litter, sweep walkways and other areas, shovel snow, and pull weeds.


Drop by and spend some time making copies, stamping envelopes, inventorying, and preparing materials for children’s programs.  Your help in counting fliers, tickets, crafts and books is also needed.  For those comfortable with technology, you can make slides for our digital photo frames, list lost and found items on Facebook, and do data entry.

Collection Tasks

Help us mend our older books and cover and tape our new ones.  We also need help in checking DVDs and cassettes for missing pieces. 

Programming Tasks

Help us put up and take down seasonal decorations and organize and host book sales.  We also need help with programs including preparing snacks and setting up and cleaning up before and after them.  At large events, we could use volunteers to direct members to a program or staff person. 

Friends of the Library

Two Friends of the Library groups support our programs through book sales.  The Friends of the Community Library Network have two annual sales, and the Friends of the Post Falls Library operate a used bookstore in the library. Both groups meet monthly and welcome new members.

Want to join our crew of Awesome Volunteers? Save, fill out, then re-save this application form and email it to Library Volunteers.

For other local opportunities to volunteer, check out this link.