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Preparing For Our Future

We are preparing for the future!

What will we need in 2030?

While looking to the upcoming year, we have been asking ourselves, “How do we align our services to community needs?” The most straightforward approach was to ask.

As the Community Library Network plans for the next ten years, we will need to know what services, resources, and programs will be necessary in 2030. We conducted a survey with our members and businesses to gather this information.

In the next few months, the board will use this report to help shape our FY2020-2025 Strategic Plan.

Future Needs Market Evaluation

As we have gathered the information the report has been edited in real time which means this link always leads to the most up-to-date version.

Our FY2018 Strategic plan

Take a look at our current Strategic Plan (approved February 2018)

Looking ahead to the FY2019 Strategic Plan

We will use the report findings to create our direction for the next few years. The strategic plan, developed by our Board of Trustees, is usually finalized in April.