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Pinehurst is participating in the Terracycle/Brita program

Pinehurst is participating in the Terracycle/Brita program

From bottles, pitchers and faucet water filter systems, to all types of Brita® filters-even the filter wrapping-TerraCycle® can recycle all your Brita® products! That bottle in your bag, the pitcher in the fridge and the filters inside can all have a new life as something totally different. TerraCycle takes your old Brita® products, works their magic, and turns them into 100% recycled goods like outdoor chairs, bike racks and watering cans – even park benches! Read more at


We are closed on the following holidays:

New Year's Day

Martin Luther King, Jr./Human Rights Day

Presidents' Day


Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

All Staff Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Day

Pinehurst Library Procedures:


Mon-Fri 12-4PM

Sat 11AM-1PM

  1. Request items online or by phone.
  2. You will be notified when the hold is ready.
  3. When you arrive in the parking lot, call the library.
  4. Items will be placed on a table outside the building for pickup.
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