Hayden Going Out West to See the Elephant! 

Mon, 04/23/2018 - 12:03pm -- dianeve

“Seeing the elephant,” they called it. It was the pioneer’s term for getting wised up and fed up.

When the 19th century settlers started West, they sang songs about the land of milk and honey. By the time they got here, they rewrote the same songs to tell of rattlesnakes and alkali water.  Performed by Bill Rossiter.

From Kalispell, MT, Bill Rossiter travels throughout Northwest, presenting songs and stories from various eras of American history. He has a large repertoire of “roots music,” and has performed for western and heritage museums, arts and cultural centers, town festivals, and library series. Bill’s songs are accompanied by guitar, banjo, autoharp and harmonica.

Learn more about Bill and his presentations on the Idaho Humanities Council website.

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