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Friends of the Community Library Network

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Community Library Network advocates for libraries as places to nurture and enhance life-long learning. The Friends support library programs, services and resources in the communities of Athol, Harrison, Hayden, Pinehurst, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake, and outreach services through the bookmobile.

Meeting Times

We meet the second Tuesday of every month at 1 p.m. at the Hayden Library. No meetings are scheduled for May or November when we hold our Book Sales.

Friends of the Community Library Network Spring Book Sale

For More Information

Email us: or

Leave a message for us with
Jessica Bowman, Community Librarian/Manager at Hayden, 208-772-5612

Donate Materials

Donate materials--they may be dropped off at any library.  
We gladly accept the following items (books must be clean, dry and without mold):
Books & Paperbacks
Audio Books on CD
CDs & DVDs
Computer software-2015 or newer
Games & Puzzles

Thank You!

Thanks to you, we support programs in Spirit Lake, Hayden, Rathdrum, Harrison, Pinehurst, Athol and the Bookmobile!  Whenever you buy a book from our libraries’ Friends’ bookshelf or store, your dollars go right back to our libraries. 

Where Friends’ Money Goes

Here are a few examples of programs we financially support through book sales:

Young child painting at an Arty Party event

We will hold a Library Member Appreciation day featuring a district wide event for children, entitled Arty Party. All of our libraries will be having fun and creative (if ever so slightly messy) stations, including fly swatter painting, barefoot painting, and an artistic snack to feed the imaginations of our mini Monets! 

One of our Super Librarians at our Day of Hope event

This event targets underserved and at-risk families in our communities and brings together organizations to provide support services, such as medical and dental screenings, haircuts, groceries and books. Grant funds will be used to purchase books for distribution to children birth-18 years old.

Little Library Friends Book Sale

This project is to build four Little Community Libraries to install at locations to reach members of the community who may not get to the library. Transitional Housing, the Women’s Shelter and WIC (Hayden and Post Falls) are interested in partnering with the library on this project.   Grant funds would be used to purchase building materials; books to get the project started and pay a small honorarium to the builder.

Build a Better World graphic

The Community Library Network plans for a successful summer program with “Build a Better World”. This year we would like to offer three special events at each of our libraries. With your financial support, we hope to bring in Eric Ode (author, poet, songwriter), Scott Petersen the Reptile Man, Curtis Carlyle (juggler), Rhys Thomas (juggler and scientist), Raptor Outreach, Taiko Drummers, Radical Rick, the Youth Marimba Band, the Astronomical Society and Mobius Science Center. We will host 21 programs and estimate over 2,600 children to attend.

Our Iron Chef event art

Tweens and Teens are invited to test their cooking skills. They will be put into teams of four to create a unique and delicious dish using the ingredients and supplies that we provide. They will need to present their dish to the community judges and will be scored on how their dish tastes, the presentation of the dish and their enthusiasm. This grant will cover the costs of prizes and ingredients. 

Going to Seed logo

To kick off this year’s “Going to Seed” initiative we’ve invited gardening expert and published author, Lisa Taylor, for a repeat visit.  Lisa brings a lot of gardening passion to her presentations.  She lives near Seattle and has published 2 books about urban and northwest gardening.  “Going to Seed” is a District wide adult programming initiative designed to encourage people to learn about gardening.  Lisa Taylor presented at three libraries in 2016 and everyone was delighted with her programs.  We’ve found that people of all ages are interested in gardening and one of the wonderful things about Lisa’s presentations is universal appeal. 

Mommy and young daughter planting

Dig Plant Grow Tattoo art

“Dig, Plant, Grow!” is a District-wide effort to remind people of the importance of libraries to our communities. We are requesting funds to purchase planting materials such as small pots, soil, grass and wildflower seeds and light refreshments for children and parents.