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Board of Trustees Information

The True Value of Libraries by Board Member Michele Veale

Board Members

Email Contact Form

Contact Director John Hartung, 208-773-1506 x 315

Katie Blank, Chair

Michele Veale, Vice-Chair and Treasurer 

Regina McCrea, Clerk

Judy Meyer

Robert Fish

Trustee Introduction

The Community Library Network Board of Trustees is elected by District residents of the District as directed by Idaho Code, IC-33-2720.

If you are interested in a board position, please review the Library Trustee Job Description for qualifications.

For more information, contact Director John Hartung by email or the Post Falls Library, 208-773-1506 x 315.

2019 Meeting Dates

Dec 11: 2 - 5 at the Post Falls Library (2018)

Jan 17: 2-5 at the Hayden Library

Feb 21: 2-5 at the Post Falls Library

Mar 19: 2-5 at the Post Falls Library (Special)

Mar 21: 2-5 at the Hayden Library

April 18: 2-5 at the Athol Library

May 16: 2-5 at the Rathdrum Library

June 20: 2-5 at the Spirit Lake Library

July 18: 2-5 at the Harrison Library

Aug 8: 2-5 at the Post Falls Library (Budget Hearing)

Aug 15: 2-5 at the Hayden Library (Budget Review)

Aug 22: 2-5 at the Post Falls Library 

Sep 19: 2-5 at the Pinehurst Library

Oct 17: 2-5 (FY 2020) at the Hayden Library

Nov 21: 2-5 at the Post Falls Library

Dec 19: 2-5 at the Hayden Library

Public Records Request

Agendas and Minutes

Agendas and Minutes

(Minutes are posted after approved by the Board at the following meeting)

August 16, Post Falls: Agenda, Minutes

August 16, Post Falls (Special Budget Hearing): Agenda, Minutes

August 23, (Special Budget Approval): Agenda, Minutes - CANCELLED
September 20: Agenda, Minutes
October 18: Agenda, Minutes
November 15: Agenda, Minutes
December 11: Agenda, Minutes
March 20: (Special): Agenda, Minutes
April 23: Agenda, Minutes
May 16: Agenda, Minutes
June 20: Agenda, Minutes
July 18: Agenda Minutes
Aug 8: (Special Budget Hearing)
Aug 15: (Special Budget Review):Agenda, Minutes
Aug 22: Agenda, Minutes
Sept 19: Agenda, Minutes
Oct 17: (FY 2020) Agenda, Minutes
Nov 21: Agenda, Minutes
Dec 19: Agenda, Minutes

Board Policies and Procedures